4 May 2012

[rF2] Maserati Trofeo GT - Released

Tommy78 has recently released a beta version of his Maserati Trofeo GT mod for rFactor 2. Project is still work in progress as some features like wipers and driver animations haven't yet been implemented into the mod.

Before you install this mod, make sure to have this tracks installed:
  • -All ISI tracks
  • - Mid-Ohio v1.9
  • - Fuji 2012 v1.0
  • - Snetterton300 0.71
  • - Putnam Park 0.2
  • - Watkins Glen 0.2
  • - Sears Point 1.3                                                         
               Download link v1.0:                                                            Download link v1.1 update:

Download v1.0 and v1.1 and unzip them to the Packages folder, start the mod manager and install the Maserati Trofeo mod, and don’t forget to update!

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