17 February 2012

[rF2] - Searspoint Track 1.0

Infineon Raceway, formerly Sears Point Raceway, is a 2.52 miles (4.06 km) road course and drag strip located on the landform known as Sears Point in the southern Sonoma Mountains near Sonoma, California, USA. The course is a complex series of twists and turns that go up and down the hills.
This is a complete rfmod package that includes the track and a reference to the Meganes. It also contains an update.It's an early version of the track, many things still need to be redone / added such as animations and camera flickering.

The main install v1.0:

Megane_at_SearspointRW_v10.rfmod GameFront (Best)

v1.1 update
Megane_at_SearspointRW_v11.rfmod GameFront (Best)

v1.2 update
Megane_at_SearspointRW_v12.rfmod GameFront (Best)

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