5 May 2012

FSR Race Preview - Round 3

The Formula SimRacing caravane will stay on the Asian continent for another race, as Round 3 of the Thrustmaster World Championship takes place at Shanghai, China in the upcoming weekend.

After the first two rounds Bono Huis and Morgand Morand have emerged as the main championship contenders, as both drivers top the championship table with equal points, including a win and a second place. Another point of interest is the changed line-up of Precision Motorsports, as Jaakko Mikkonen will replace Mikko Puumalainen who earlier announced his retirement.

As usual, all races will be broadcasted live on Simrace.TV, starting with World Trophy at Saturday 13:30 GMT, followed by World Series at Saturday 19:30 GMT and the FSR Thrustmaster World Championship on Sunday, starting at 15:30 GMT. Read the full preview for the expert analysis and the betting tips for Sunday.
Source: FormulaSimracing.Net

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