23 January 2012

What is to come - rFactor 2?

For the past 2 weeks, rFactor players around the globe have had a chance to thoroughly know the new rFactor 2 Beta title from ISI. If the title is a success we will see in next months. There's still some work to do on the game but improvements are clearly visible by most of the gamers. New tire model, improved physics, animations, new weather system and much more, really improve the fun factor of the game. Yet not all improvements have been implemented in the beta, things look really promising for the future.

In the original game there are 3 car types and some tracks. First community made track has been released these days as Alex Sawczuk released Putnam Park for the new title. I tried the track with Formula 2 cars and what my conclusion is that rFactor 1 version of the track didn't really bring my attention, but in rFactor 2 it is really fun to drive.

So - What is to come in next months? Let's start with F1 mods. In past days we got some more previews for MMG of their F1 2008 mod. They have started converting Renault R28 to make it rF2 compatible. The modding team announced their team will learn their skills on Renault and then continue converting other cars while finishing their final product. Team also provided some more renders of Ferrari F2008 driven by Kimi Raikkonen & Felipe Massa. Release date is yet to be announced but rough speculations would be Q4 2012.

Next up is International Pro Modding a.k.a FSOne: The team has provided '06, '07, '08, '09 and unofficial '10 mods to the rFactor platform. They progressed every year and are now one of the most rated modding teams out there. FSOne has already provided a preview of the Ferrari F10 Sounds in rFactor 2 and a screenshot of Alonso in Kuala Lumpur.

From here we continue to CTDP who seems to work quietly but there are news to hear from them time to time. Long time no talk about their 2010 mod as they seemed to put strenghts together on finishing long expecting F1 1994 mod. News from their Development blog say, they have finished all helmets for their '94 mod, while they are already painting driver's body suits. They already gave us a plenty of previews of their '94 car models and they also provided some shots of Dossier back in June 2010.

Let's slowly close the topic about F1 mods and move on to cars. Perhaps the most anticipated mod for rFactor 2 - the World Super GT 2. Team RMT has released first pictures of their Aston Martin One-77 GT500 in rF2 aswell as some test videos.

Keep in mind that these are very early previews of the car in rFactor 2 as RMT points out that the car is far away from being in beta stage. Successor to World Super GT for GTR 2, World Super GT 2 will bring some of of the most legendary GT cars of the 90s as well as Super GT GT500 class machinery to rFactor 2.

Back in December, Apex Modding released their FIA GT3 mod for rFactor, adding several GT3-class sports cars to the simulation. Their release was a success and our review got the attention of all the articles on this blog. Here are first screens of Corvette Z06R on the new engine. This are early tests just to show the community that the team has made a switch to the new platform.

So this is a quick peek on whats to come in next months, I'm sure there is many other modders who currently convert their tracks/cars to the new game, if anyone wants to get an article about their progress on any rFactor 2 addition, is welcome to contact me. For sure it will be a great year for simracing. I hope you had a good read and come back for more news and perhaps downloads :) for the new simulation soon.

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