25 October 2012

ATR AllStar Racing Team presentation

For The 2012/2013 Winter-Season ATR Management Teams Up With The Legendary German Squad ALLSTAR RACING TEAM!

We have created what is to be, hopefully a dominant force in the SRZ rf2 Championship!

This is the words team principle Martin Christensen has started the presentation of the new ATR AllStar Racing Team car. Below is presentation of the team, their cars, together with a few comments of the team management and their drivers!

,,During a holiday in Sicily, summer 2012, ATR Management CEO Martin Christensen, with a great idea in his mind, phoned Stefan Kanitz, the Manager of ALLSTAR Racing - And there the first steps of creating a new racing team were made!

The team went to be based near Cologne in Germany, in an former Grand Prix facility! All inventory are of the newest date, and the employes are highly tuned and motivated to show the world, who is the boss of the F1 feeder series, RF2!!

The search of drivers for this project went quite easy, as the ALLSTAR Racing Manager Stefan Kanitz himself, proved to be quite handy behind a wheel of a modern rf2 racer! Stefan went on track with the team to test the new prototype model, and we had some really great first test learning a lot about the car! Everything was looking good, very good indeed!

The search went on for a 2nd driver for the team, and suddently a day at the chassis manufacturer facility, we ran into factory test driver Luka Oslakovic! We had a nice chat with Luka, and after a few later meetings, and a test it was decided Luka was to partner up with Stefan Kanitz!

Being relatively late on the preparing area, we had our cars painted and shipped to Interlagos, Brazil to start preparing for the first round of the SRZ rf2 Championship!

After a couple of days we had all done on the cars, they were ready to go on track, and so were the drivers - We have now for some days been testing on Interlagos and we belive we are in shape to make a solid challenge in the SRZ rf2 championship campaign!''

Pictures from testing at Interlagos circuit in Brazil - (23.10.2012)

Stefan Kanitz:

Luka Oslakovic:

Team Manager of ATR ALLSTAR Racing Team, Martin Christensen states:
"I am really pleased with the progress we made during the test days @ Interlagos, and I think we are well prepared. We have to be because we have set ourselves quite high targets for the 2012/2013 SRZ rf2 Championship". "We want to score points on a regular basis and significantly put a huge stamp in the history books of SRZ rf2, the class we are competing in". "We are well aware that this sounds very ambitious, but this is what we are working on".

On the technical front, our exemplary engineering duo Martin Christensen (director of ATR-M ), and Alberto Bagnati ( N1 engineer & former mechanic of Robert Kubica & Mclaren driver Kevin Magnussen, and 2012 DTM engineer of David Coulthard ) For 2012, they will also be joined by the media director Julia Enchiano, whose arrival coincides with the re-organisation of our media team, but same time trackside personnel roster to ensure both growth and development within the group.

RaceDriver Stefan Kanitz states:
"It was indeed a dear pleassure when Martin Christensen phoned me, and told me about his great ideas, maintaining the momentum of this strong desicive and motivating force Martin showed, into creating the team was merely a formality! We have really done a great job preparing in every single way, and im sure we are looking into great 2012/2013 season driving the SRZ rf2 Championship! Luka and myself are working really well togheter, and we already have created a good relationship, supporting eachother and having a blast when togheter at the race track. Its a really great pleassure to work with a driver like Luka! All is really looking very well!!! - Im highly motivated, and i intend to show what we are all about in this championship!!"

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