10 May 2012

[rF] Halle Saale Schleife 2.0

Andre has released Halle Saale Schleife 2.0 for rFactor simulation. The track is very detailed and with authentic ambience. Surely quite some work has been invested in this project.

 Now drive a lap on this track: After start/finish you drive a long straight to the section "Südkurve". The top speed in this section is over 300 km/h (190 mph). After turn "Südkurve" you drive downhill via turn "Kurve der Jugend" to an uphill section "Wegbergkurve". Between turn "Kurve der Jugend" and "Weinbergkurve" you see on the right side the river "Saale". The uphill section "Weinbergkurve" start with a bump and end with a bump in a right turn. ;-) After turn "Nordkurve" you drive via a straight to a tricky turn in section "Friedensring". After section "Friedensring" you drive via a long straight and a fast chicane to start/finish. A good lap time without any crash is all under 1:50. Track's total length is 5257m.

 The Halle-Saale-Schleife was one of the first tracks after the WW II that were used in the former GDR. There is a 5 km long circuit at the gates of Halle/Saale. It was very popular among the people and have taken place until 1967. There was international races such as Formula 3. Famous was the long straight that had a stone/concrete surface.

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