30 April 2012

MMG's F1 2008 - Exclusive previews

We have got an incredible opportunity to test out much anticipated F1 2008 mod by Mak-Corp. Long development of this mod is slowly coming to and end and finally the community will get to drive this astonishing recreation of F1 2008 cars on popular rFactor simulator.

In test sessions I've done, beta version of the mod seemed very realistic to drive, very much like you can see cars behave on the onboard videos availible on the internet. Handling in the corners is very precise and you can feel the car all way around the circuit. Major difference from other mods are the brakes wich I couldn't get to work as good as in other formula mods. But ofcourse this is still beta and there's still time to perfect every detail.

Textures are top level, done in every detail of the cars and helmets. With them comes a very nice glow of the liveries and carbon fibers. The tv-cockpit cameras seem to be better looking than any other mod for rFactor.

A thing I'm a little dissapointed is internal sounds wich don't 100% convince me. They aren't bad but meybe some extra special tone is needed to make them better and in pair with the rest of the mod's quality. External sounds are yet to be implemented in the next build.

I hope you liked this quick summary of what to expect from this great mod and the screens we've prepared. I wish to thank to Petros for allowing me to post this screens exclusively for this site and if you want to check more projects they work on, make sure to like MAK Corp 3D Studio page on Facebook.

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