16 February 2012

[rF2] F1 Ligue 2012 new previews

F1Ligue has been working at a solid pace over the past few weeks to continue the development of their F1 2012 mod for rFactor 2. Recently the team has been concentrating on the modeling process of development in order to create a realistic model of each F1 2012 car ready for rFactor 2.

The latest long list of cars to be developed for their rFactor 2 mod include the 2012 Force India, Caterham, Lotus E20, Sauber and just recently started by the team the Redbull RB8. All models have been created at a very high rate of development but certainly do not lack detail with high detailed textures being added to them in order to further replicate the real F1 2012 cars just recently revealed to the general public.

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