24 February 2012

CTDP Announces: IFM – International Formula Masters 2009

CTDP modding team announced earlier today of building a complete new mod for rFactor 2 - International Formula Masters 2009. This means the rFactor community will get a drive of another top quality mod in the near future, taking into account their previous work. The team also said they will not release all the team liveries - instead they will create few liveries along with helmets and release the full grid with placeholder cars together with templates. This way  the community can create the missing or even own liveries/helmets as they don’t want to invest more time than needed for IFM and focus on F1 1994 (which is  still their main priority for rF2) instead.

What is IFM?
The  International Formula Master (IFM) was the successor of the F3000 International Masters series. It was held as a supporting series during  the European WTCC races from 2007 till 2009. The series was a junior  Formula series which was thought as a stepping stone into the GP2 just  like the Formula 3 Euro Series. The cars were manufactured by Italian based company Tatuus and were comparable to smaller single seaters like the Formula 3 cars. But they looked more like a small version of a  pre-2009 Formula 1 car. The  series was thought to run at least 3 more years, but FIA launched their own junior formula series in 2009 (Formula Two) and many teams and  drivers left.

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