22 February 2012

Assetto Corsa - Teaser shots & content info

Kunos Simulazioni have released 2 new teaser shots of what seems to be Ferrari - Powered P4/5 Competizione. This implies to another licensed car for their upcoming title.

Kunos Simulazionial confirms that Assetto Corsa will use neither a subscription model or online account fee as the title will sell for a fixed price and offer unlimited free multiplayer.

The guys over at Speedmaniacs have revealed some interesting details regarding the upcoming title. The guys confirm that Assetto Corsa will feature ten tracks, two of which have already been revealed (Magione & Monza).

Kunos Simulazioni has already stunned simracers around the globe with titles such as NetkarPRO or Ferrari Virtual Academy, are hard working on their new highly anticipated Assetto Corsa simulation. Their new title will be powered by DirectX 11 graphics engine and will offer extensive modding support, laser-scanned tracks and licensed cars, advanced features such as AI, blur & DOF won't be missing.

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