10 December 2011

V8Factor Unleashed 1.10 by Team ORSM

Probably any rFactor fan already heard of V8 cars so I decided to put their name in our library. It includes 2010 and 2011 Australian V8 supercars with all the liveries and great sounds and physics. This mod is around for a few months and is a -must try-!

Few facts about V8 Supercars:
V8 Supercars is a touring car racing category based in Australia and run as an International Series under Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) regulations. As well as enjoying popularity in Australia, it has a considerable following in New Zeland, and is steadily growing in popularity across the world where television coverage allows.

V8 Supercar events take place in all the states of Australia. Overseas rounds are also held in New Zealand and Abu Dhabi and, up until 2010, Bahrain. V8 Supercars have drawn crowds of over 250,000 spectators.
Source: Wikipedia
Download V8Factor Mirror 1
Download V8Factor Mirror 2
Download V8Factor Mirror 3

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