6 December 2011

Alpine A364 mod review

Pixsim who has produced quite many interesting things for rFactor, has now released the Alpine A364, French historical Formula 3 car for rFactor. Formula car is hard to drive but feels very good.

Models are done very well and come with different car liveries. Sounds are also done great, apart from small sound glitch wich can be fixed by downloading the update. I tried to do an offline race with this mod in Jerez and I must say it was very fun, AI drivers were doing good job for rFactor quality. Overall a very good mod, may be one of your favourite historic mod.

 Alpine A364 Download

Alpine A364 C (Sound fix)

1 comment:

  1. Thanks. We have made the last cersion, so, you can download it in our site: http://pixsim.net/?page_id=105