23 December 2011

Akina Uphill event - 30.12.2011

Join the New Year party on 30th December, climbing the Akina hill! Pick any Subaru car from 1995 till 2008, availible in the mod.

Register at www.wrleague.com site and head to forum to pick a car!

Download Subaru v1.23 , v.124 (both required)
Download Akina Uphill & Downhill

Race day Schedule -Friday- (30.12.2012):
11am - sign-ups closed, admins will determine start positions
12pm - start positions determined and announced on forum
2pm - start of hillclimb race 1
3pm - start of hillclimb race 2 (start positions backward from race 1 results)
(drivers will be ordered to start 'the climb' in 2 minutes intervals)

If you don't like rallying then you still might want to join us for Endurance GT1 cars @ Sebring on January 7th. Put your name on the list here!

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