8 October 2011

ITCC '11 mod by Vittoria Simracers review

This nicely done mod has been released a few days ago and brought my attention with many cars to choose from in the mod. It also includes a small trackpack of well known Italian tracks.

Mod has decent physics, they are fun to drive but aren't in professional level. Weak part of the mod are probably sounds wich could be done better, esspecially external. Textures and esspecially cockpits are done well but unfortunately there is only one skin for each car. Good side is that we have templates for each car so you can make a skin if the mod grows to your hearth.

So overall its a decent mod, still a lot could be done better but I enjoyed driving it for a past few days.

Car List:
Peugeot 207
Alfa 147
BMW 320si
Civic Type R 2007
Renault Clio
Honda Accord
Seat Leon
Toyota Avensis
Vauxhall Vectra
Volkswagen Golf V GTI Cup
Volkswagen Scirocco
Volvo C30

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